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Find the Church That's Right for You

Finding a new church can be a discouraging task. In times of crisis and transition people often look for a place to belong. Church should be that kind of place, but nobody knows where to really start. Most towns in this country have dozens of churches with different labels on the sign. They span the range of personalities from traditional and dressy to casual and laid back, meet in classical buildings and strip malls, sing old hymns and rock like a concert, and vary in a hundred other ways. is here to take the mystery out of finding the right church. Rolling out through 2010, we will enable church seekers to get a feel for churches before they even visit. Our tools will help seekers new to church and those familiar. You won't have to rely on the sign outside, the web site, or an ad in the phone book to decide if the church is where you want to land. Likewise, we enable churches to showcase their personality and programs to people looking for a place to worship.

A Decade In the Making

A decade ago I began an idea to help people find the right church. About that time online dating sites became popular, matching users on profiles by dozens of criteria. The general idea, if two folks can find somebody with enough in common they ought to hit it off. Inspired by book titles like Stop Dating Church and The Unauthorized Guide to Choosing a Curch, I began developing this idea. Now I am pleased to truly launch

As we grow this endeavor the goal is to give people the opportunity to find the place to worship that's right forthem. In a century already filled with so much uncertaiinty, we all need a place to belong. Please keep us bookmarked and visit back to see how we are growing. Once we have really launched, send your friends and family here. Tell your pastor about us. is long over due.